If leaving my new born baby girl and her brothers for nine months isn’t hard enough, leaving her with the thought that I might not be able to come back because of a terminal disease and hold her ever again made it almost unbearable. Yet I survived. I was so thankful to God for giving me a second chance in life. And so, I thought this new life has to have an even deeper meaning. It should serve a purpose: to serve God, spread His word, and help others.

HENRY’S DAUGHTER. This is the offshoot of my desire to have a deeper meaning in my life. The time I lost with my daughter, made me want to give her something very special. Something I can make with my own hands. Hence, my interest in dressmaking started. Perhaps it is in my blood, being the daughter of a tailor. This is how the concept began, to make this enterprise a vehicle to reach out to people especially those with cancer. To help them knowing the impact of such generosity to one’s healing, to encourage them that there is hope in God, to remind them that nothing, not even cancer, can separate them from God’s love. All proceeds will be given in support of that cause.